Week 1 and lagging 

So I have a few updates I would like to chat about. First off the cleaner diet went out the window yesterday dinner and today. I had a chippy last night and three helpings of rice for dinner tonight. 

Both times weren’t because I was upset or anything. I just let myself get hungry, once my tummy starts rumbling I go straight to processed fast food. To counteract this I’m going to try having more snacks. I figure if I eat healthy snacks such as vegetables, fruit or hard boiled eggs that will keep the crazy binging at bay. 

Even though the diet hasn’t been great I did have one goal achieved last night. I FIT INTO SIZE 12 SKINNY JEANS. For some context, in august this year I bought size 16 in the same jeans. The jeans are still slightly too tight to wear outside as they give me a pretty big muffin top at the minute, but I am so pleased I can button them! 

I have a new goal, on Christmas Day I want to be able to wear the size 12 skinny jeans and be comfortable in them. That’s just over a month away. 

So what’s my action plan?

  1. Take out 25pound on Sunday and put my bank card away. Only use the 25 pound cash for food. That way I can’t go buy fast food. 
  2. Aim for the gym five times a week, I pay for two sessions with my PT so three more times. 
  3. Try to prepare as much as food as possible on Sunday night. That way I have no reason to make processed food. 

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