The First Post

Today I begin.

I am currently classed as obese according to the BMI calculator. Though I think that’s a bit extreme as I am a size 12.

My action plan for losing the weight:

  1. Go to gym 5times a week, 2 of those times will be with hired personal trainer Jen (who I have been with for two months already).
  2. Stop all takeaways, they are a waste of money and make me feel sluggish.
  3. Stop drinking coffee, it just makes me crash later on.
  4. Stop buying meal deals and other fast food when I am being lazy.
  5. Try not to binge eat
  6. Eat ‘cleaner’ food. By cleaner I mean less cheese, mayo, white bread, pasta and any other foods I eat tonnes off.

I have already began this journey a few months ago but now I really want to get focused. I plan to expand on the last two months in a later post.

So here we go, the initial photos. I have opted to wear workout pants and a sports bra. I am not pushing out my tummy or sucking it in. Everything is relaxed.


Seeing these photos have really helped motivate me. That is not the figure I want to see in the mirror. Day one begins! 🙂


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